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April 27th

Whoms't is QUNN

If you've made this far you're probably down to hear a little about me. I'm from Hemet, CA (Hemorrhoids Unite! haha), a desert-ish town near Palm Springs, and that is where I currently make music! 

I've been doing the music thing for a few years now but it didn't start that way. Making music?... That thought first crossed my mind when I was 19, I remember I was watching the Making of Luxury video thinking why not me! But making music wans't going to be in my cards for the next few years. You see, I was going to school to be an engineer. I'd go on to graduate and worked as an engineer for a few years at a solar company. It was super fun and I was killing it! But man, as time went on I would listen to music and the music inside me could not stay quite. I'd be driving to work thinking how did 070 do those drums, how did Rich Mullins make that crazy melody! So finally in 2022 I was able to leave my job and give all my time to the music!

Oh, and I also love hiking big mountains and finding the best milkshake when I'm done!

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